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EmpowerRD is a fast-growing startup based in London, UK. Our vision is to assist our clients to unlock all of the funding that rewards innovation globally. We do this by combining expert knowledge and advanced technology to take the complexity out of claiming for funding that is available. Our current focus is on helping companies within the UK unlock some of the £5Bn of funds available annually for companies that invest in research and development

As we grow we're looking for a full stack developer - well versed in Ruby - who can support both internal and external development.

About the Job
  • Work on our core Product (a Ruby on Rails monolith) to improve user experience and introduce new features
  • Develop new features following our development practices, learning from and working with our Senior Developer
  • Proactively Identify and scope optimisations and bug fixes
  • Work with other teams to validate and implement new ideas
  • Report to the CTO

Our Values
EmpowerRD has a strong set of values that permeate our culture and define how we work. You should consider whether these align with your personal values and style when considering this role.

  • Lead with integrity: We do the right thing by our team, client and stakeholders. We find the right solution, not the first solution. We build trust through our technology and relationships.
  • Professionalism in engagement: We are reliable and dependable in our behaviour. We are an authority in our subject matter - we know what we’re talking about. We invest in learning. We are respectful in our communication.
  • Bold in outlook: We are an innovative organisation and invest in innovation in our technology, our processes and ourselves. We are bold in our actions. We are market leading in our thinking and services. We are driven by data.
  • Proactive in focus: We have a growth mindset. We’re not afraid of taking considered risks. We learn from mistakes and continuously improve. We dont wait to be told, we act as an example. 
  • Approachable in style: We see ourselves as an enabler of a wider ecosystem. We support each other and grow together. We are a team that is fun and positive. We make ourselves accessible to our teams, clients and stakeholders. We take ownership of our actions.

Skills and Experience

Essential skills include:
  • Ruby (1+ years)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Modern frontend framework (1 year, React/Vue/Alpine)
  • SQL (Postgres)

Bonus skills include:
  • AWS (EC2, RDS, VPC)
  • Docker
  • Having worked in a SaaS before
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