Full Stack Developer

Open Food Network


Remote Friendly

$86,000 annually

Founded in 2012, we’re a group of not-for-profit organisations and cooperatives focused on building a new food system that is fair, local, and transparent. Our flagship product is an open source software platform that makes it easy for farmers, producers, farmers markets, and other values-driven food businesses to sell online. People have used the software to create farmer food collectives, manage food hubs, to take their farmers’ market online, and more.

Our vision is to revolutionise food supply networks around the world. We envision a would in which short, sustainable, distributed food systems thrive. We are driven by values and work to build the world in which we wish to live.

You will work with our global delivery team to build features and maintain our
application. Our work is prioritised based on input from our community of users, our developers, our designers, our testers and our product team.

Our Stack

  • The application is written in Ruby and built on Ruby on Rails.
  • The original app was extended from Spree Commerce, and much legacy code still exists.
  • Frontend currently includes AngularJS, we are switching to Reactive Rails using StimulusReflex
  • We use a PostgreSQL database
  • Our deployment is managed through Ansible scripts
  • Builds are hosted on Semaphore
  • We use Github for version control, issue tracking and development pipeline management
  • Our community uses Discourse and Slack for discussion and deliberation 

About You

  • You have at least one year experience working in Ruby on Rails.
  • You take initiative and get things done.
  • You have your own computer and internet connection. 
  • You deeply believe in our mission of building a better food system by empowering community food enterprises.

Fully Flexible Working

We work in a totally flexible way. We coming together for a few meetings a week but otherwise you are free to work at a time and in a way that suits you. As our team is global you'll find there are people online no matter what time of day you choose to work. 

We value bringing our whole selves to work - which means vulnerable and open conversations that can be difficult, but ultimately lead to a more fulfilled and creative working environment.

A note on Salary

The role is self-employed and you'll submit invoices each month. The specified salary is based on a 35hr week but almost everyone in the team works less that this and we can discuss the number of hours per week that suit you. Our salary structure varies based on the cost of living where you are and the level of experience you bring. We encourage the team to think about how much you need for a good standard of living and to participate in deciding the amount. Feel very free to ask any questions about this!
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