Full Stack Rails Developer

Fairbanks Scales Inc


Kansas City, MO

$60,000+ annually

Hi, I'm a Senior Rails Developer who just moved to my next career stage, and I'm helping my former employer find someone to replace me. Not a recruiter, no HR jargon. I'm not the one hiring, but I'll have strong input on their selection.

They have a really terrible HR-written job posting. That frustrates me because I know there's good talent out there that won't apply because the description is poor. So I'm going to tell you what it actually is (having done the job for 13 years, from 2008-2021).

They need a good Junior dev who wants to learn to be a senior by actually developing in Rails. The primary project is the company intranet. It's a Rails 6.2 monolith, with MySQL as the database, Okta integration alongside Devise, S3 for ActiveStorage, Redis for caching and SJR and Hotwire/Turbo. No React, no Angular, no SPA stuff. It's hosted on GitHub.

There's also an API that connects to an IBM DB2 database, the ERP system.

There's also some old ColdFusion stuff: you won't need to do anything with it; you'll be writing code to replace it. But being able to read it (which is easy) is important.

You'll need to know: Rails basics, Git basics, SQL basics. Everything else you can learn by doing, and I'll help. Obviously, if you've got more than that, you'll look great to the hiring manager, but don't be shy if you're inexperienced.

Fairbanks has kept me on as a consultant, so I'd be available to help you learn the codebase and address any instances where I wrote something crappy. Once you're up and running, it would be all yours. You decide what tech to integrate, what to upgrade, what to deprecate.

You'll work in the Marketing department, not IT. That sounds weird, but it's actually great. Decisions will be driven by what's best, and you'll be trusted to be the authority on that. However, you'll need to be able to explain your recommendations in plain English for the executive team and your direct supervisor, the VP of Sales & Marketing.

I'd be happy to talk more about what you'd specifically be doing, and make sure your resume gets put directly into the hiring manager's hands (my former manager) with my seal of approval. I'm also happy to tell answer any other questions: they're a great employer, but they may not be a good fit for everyone. I like those folks, and I want to see the projects I built continue to succeed, and help someone grow like it did for me.

Maybe that someone is you.
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