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Senior Rails Developer

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Full Time.  Fully Remote.

tl;dr: We're looking for someone with Rails expertise to help build a product that will unleash a flurry of medical coders!

Who is KODE?

At KODE our mission is simple: we are here to solve the long-standing problems persistent in medical coding. 

When a patient is discharged from a hospital, a team of employees hired by the hospital will turn doctor notes, procedures, and activities into medical codes which are sent to the insurance companies for payment. For the hospital, this can be a highly volatile staffing problem. For the medical coder, they are spending their days in a cubicle, working fixed hours, getting paid hourly regardless of how many charts they can work.

We saw the same inefficiencies, bottlenecks, wasted time, and money occurring time and again. We are seeking to change that model and offer coders, hospitals, and physicians a better alternative.

What’s the product?

The mission of our software platform is to bridge the gap between medical coders who desire a flexible work environment and hospitals who are struggling to decrease an unpredictable backlog of charts.
Our KODE on-demand product will allow certified medical coders to code from the convenience of their homes, picking the hours that they want, and getting paid as early as the next day.  Our platform strives to reward medical coders by offering flexibility in both how they work and how they are compensated.

We have already launched.  We have over a thousand users that have signed up to begin charting through KODE.  

We understand as a team what it means to build a product in smart and sustainable ways.

We have a team of in-house coders that are coding medical charts the traditional way, so we understand both the art and science of the problems we are trying to solve as we build out our Kode on-demand software product.

What’s the job?

You will be a core member of an expert development team. You will be an active collaborator with a voice in product and technology decisions. You’ll be building features, fixing bugs, improving performance, and discussing product ideas.

You will not be sitting in endless meetings or wasting time with corporate bureaucracy.  This is a small team, working efficiently, trusting each other, building amazing products, and having a great time along the way.

This is a remote and asynchronous position, but still collaborative. We’ll be working together on GitHub and Slack and some virtual discussions in Zoom.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for a Rails developer who’s been doing this for several years. You’re able to build complete features independently, provide actionable feedback to others, and welcome critiques to your own code. You recognize the trade-offs between pristine code and code that get the job done.

You’re fun to work with. You are open-minded with a positive attitude. You assume the best intentions.

English might not be your first language, but you are very fluent in it. You would be comfortable writing documentation or discussing a new feature with the team.

You’re a good communicator. You enjoy writing or drawing out your thought process.

You feel comfortable working both collaboratively and independently.

You enjoy understanding the spirit of a problem and can approach solving it in a non-prescriptive way, offering suggestions and understanding tradeoffs.
You are comfortable with external integrations.  We are integrating with external providers that often will require research and digging.

What’s the tech stack?

KODE is a Rails application that is less than a year old.  We have been super intentional to make everything super vanilla Rails which has allowed us to keep the codebase clean and organized.

We use Rails views and for the front-end behavior, we are using Stimulus with some Turbo.  Styling is all Tailwind.  Background processing is done via Sidekiq.

We are hosted on Heroku which keeps DevOps at a minimum.

Other stuff

  • Some things are just hard to do asynchronously, so your work day should have some overlap with 8 am-5 pm EDT.
  • We offer full medical, dental, vision insurance, and 401(k) with company match

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