Senior Software Engineer


Remote Friendly

The role
We are looking for skilled, independent Senior Software Engineers to join our Software Engineering team.
Our tech stack is a React app with a Ruby on Rails API. You will join our Product team and therefore also have a saving in the evolution of the product.

The team consists of a 13 person strong team. With people in Denmark, Sweden and UK we are Remote First. The Product team consist of 2 Software Engineers, 1 Designer and 2 Product Owners
We believe that a good software engineer is one who has the freedom to explore good solutions and has a team that lets the best argument win. We aim for having autonomous teams that co-own the platform and its technical evolution.

Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Implement end-to-end features from specifications and design
  • Maintain current codebase
  • Investigate new technology and build prototypes for new concepts
  • Help scale the system and ensure responsiveness of applications

About Boon
Boon is on a mission to empower creators to turn their passions into their livelihood.
On Boon, we’re creating a place where individuality and creativity is celebrated. Where unique knowledge and skills can be surfaced to people all over the world. Where creators are fueling a new model of human-powered commerce.
We started off in Denmark in 2019. Fast forward a year and a half later and we are successfully launched in the Nordics and the UK and now have our sights set on the global market. We're currently a team of 13 and are growing quickly. We would love for you to join the wild ride that is Boon - who knows where it will take you.

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