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Full Stack Developer

Planning Center
United States
$138,000 - $178,000 USD yearly

Planning Center is a product company that is owned and founded by a developer. Product teams are composed of ~5 developers, a designer, a support agent, and a product manager. Each team has the focus of making their product the best it can be in the industry as part of the Planning Center suite.

We’re a fully remote company that relies on tools such as GitHub, Slack, Notion, and Zoom. We value asynchronous work while also encouraging pairing to shape work and/or tackle the harder problems. We meet together in person about 4 times a year in our main offices in Carlsbad, CA to continue fostering better working relationships.

Pay & Benefits

We love our team. It’s one of the core pillars we work off of every day. Which is why we take care of you as best we can. Here’s a few highlights, but you can find all of our benefits here.

Get Paid—We pay in the top 10% of the New York City Rates no matter where you live, contribute to 401k, match charity up to $2,000 a year, and have a generous allowance for continued education. 

The annual salary range for this position is $138,000–$178,000.

Be Healthy—100% remote, co-working stipend, generous paid sick time and vacation time, $200 a month for physical fitness and mental health, 95% medical & 100% dental premium health coverage.

Get Out—Paid Fridays off in the summer, every other Friday off the rest of the year, a month-long sabbatical every 5 years, one week off a year to serve with a non-profit, and 2 weeks vacation a year increasing to 3 over time.

About You

The long haul—We hope you stay at Planning Center for as long as you’re able. This makes our code, processes, and support focused on scalability, longevity, teamwork, and humility.

No Ego—Planning Center is full of incredibly talented people who work hard and love what they do. But, more importantly, we love working as a team. We encourage pairing, team work, and a healthy PR culture. There’s no room for rockstars here.

About the work

We are heavily invested in Ruby on Rails and React. We don’t have titles that erect boundaries between front-end development and back-end development, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn across the entire stack. Our AWS infrastructure also provides novel opportunities for exploration as a developer. You’ll encounter a fair mix of building new features from start to finish, refining existing features, improving performance, and ensuring the security of our customers’ data.

Some tasks you will work on:
  • Translating your product manager’s feature pitches into technical specifications
  • Implementing those technical specifications as a series of small GitHub pull requests
  • Pairing with your designer and developer teammates
  • Reviewing your teammates’ pull requests to increase the quality of what we build and learn from one another
  • Deploying to production with one click (we’re very comfortable with deploying several times a day)
  • Investigating customer reported bugs that have been triaged and researched by our amazing support team
  • Diagnosing errors that come in through our error monitoring tools
  • Improving performance guided by Datadog and AWS Performance Insights
  • Participating in book and code clubs to learn with/from other developers
  1. Must reside and be eligible to work in the United States
  2. Must be willing to travel four times each year to connect with the rest of the team (not during a pandemic)

The Hiring Process

During the hiring process you’ll have a chance to interact with several members of our team. We strongly encourage you to bring any questions you have to anybody you interact with. You’re interviewing us as much as we’re interviewing you.

The teammates you’ll encounter along the way:
  • The product manager you’ll be reporting to
  • One or more developers from the team you’ll be joining
  • Developers from other teams within the company
  • Members of our executive team
Applications will be accepted until the position is filled. We’ll respond to applications as they arrive, usually within a few days. Below is an outline of the steps in our hiring process.

  • Step one: Initial phone call with the team’s product manager for you to get to know us
  • Step two: An online coding assessment to get a rough understanding of your experience
  • Step three: Team interview over Zoom with the team’s product manager and a few developers
  • Step four: Technical interview over Zoom with a few developers
  • Step five: Meeting with our executive team and offer extended

Apply with a resume and a cover letter. Your cover letter should speak directly to this position. We want to know what got you into software development, how your experience has set you up for success in this role, and why you want to join our team. If you’ve applied in the past, feel free to apply again.

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