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Full Stack Rails Product Engineer

$40 - $80 USD hourly
Hello Scrappy Programmer!
We help machines to help people and we need your help!

StartupLandia wants to grow and by grow we mean hiring more smart people like you!
Let us ask you this...

What is the last piece of software you used that solved a massive problem for you? 
What is the last piece of software you used that made you want to throw your phone? 
Have you tried to start a business based on entrepreneurship and software? 
Do you know the purpose of the 'design process' ? 
Have you ever made decisions at the intersection of business, engineering and design? 
If you have solid answers to the above AND you have solid engineering chops in Ruby, JS, React-Native, Flutter, PHP... AND you'd like a drama free pipeline of interesting early stage software projects, you might be a good fit for us.
We are...
  • A crew of senior engineers, designers and hustlers who want to work in entrepreneurship but not get burned out by it.
  • Happy people who want to improve the world around us.
  • Happy people not exclusively focused on the 3 comma club, though none of us would say no!
  • A distributed team, Portugal, Poland, Brazil, United States and maybe somewhere new?
About you...
  • Have worked at at lease 2 serious startups
  • Have at least 5 years of professional software experience
  • Have attempted your own entrepreneurial journey
  • Interested in drama free, consistent remote contracting
Just answer this post with 2-5 small bullet points that communicate who you are, what you've done and how you'd like to support us.

 CTO, Founder

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