Lead Ruby on Rails Developer (Well-Paid)

We’re like your small local bakery that you’ve been visiting since you were a kid, on the web. Well, not really.

At your local small bakery, (we hope), they know your name & they have that one amazing pastry, which they’ve been improving for years.

It’s delicious, amazing – some would say addicting (better watch your sugar levels), but, in the end… It's just a pastry.

Truth be told, we’re making that pastry, but on the web.

We help companies share knowledge more effectively. We’ve been doing so for 11 years now.

Every day, over half a million employees use our simple software, Helpjuice.com, to capture & share knowledge more effectively.

What is Helpjuice?
We're a small software company of ~25 with people all around the world. Everyone wears multiple hats. It's a team of excellent people, who are all willing to help each other because it's the way we work / our culture.

We care about our customers and are a very transparent company in how we build software (e.g.: our product roadmap is public & customer-driven)

A bit about us:
- We are a small remote international team of professionals who love to learn, and who seek to continually get better
- Our founder has a product/engineering/design background and launched Helpjuice when he was only 18 years old
- We don’t do daily meetings/stand-ups, no Scrum/Agile; If you’ve noticed so far… we don’t really chase trends either.
- We have flexible working hours, 25 days of vacation, Holidays off, etc.

About you:
- MUST BE VERY, VERY PASSIONATE ABOUT DEV. If you don't sleep & dream about code, you probably won't like working with us - we're nerds.
- Someone that doesn't cut corners when writing code.
- Want to work on a challenging product (500,000+ users, 5,000 companies)
- Want to work with a brilliant & capable team (on avg. we hire 1 out of 350 applicants from around the world).
- Are a good person and you love people!
- You have 5+ years working extensively in Rails and believe can solve tasks quicker than most

A bit about the role:
- You will lead our development team (6 people) – meaning contributing to code reviews, guiding junior developers, and being responsible for future architecture
- Actively develop new features, work on existing features, and improve application performance/stability
- You will, along-side our CEO be making key decisions

If you are interested, apply!

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