Looking for Experienced Full-Stack Ruby on Rails Developer with React experience

We’re looking for an experienced full-stack Engineer to help build custom product and marketing features for our stock market analysis platform - WallStreetZen.com.

You will implement product features using React in the front end and Ruby on Rails in the back end. Familiarity with Material UI, the component library that we’re using, is a plus.

You will be responsible for working on a range of product and marketing features, including:
- A portfolio tracker
- Public company financial statement analysis visualizations
- A comparison tool for public company ratios and metrics
- Ensuring data accuracy and performing data transformation where necessary
- Ingesting new data sources reliably and accurately for use in new and existing features
- A custom display ad solution that shows native style-advertorials
- An SMS opt-in + alerts system
- A/B testing feature and marketing changes

Previous experience in fintech or data-focused platforms would be an asset.

- We deeply believe in an iterative process when building technology and as a result we expect a tight feedback loop - frequent communication, asking questions when there are any uncertainties, pointing out tradeoffs to be made, and front footing anything unexpected are all strongly encouraged and highly valued.

The ideal candidate:
- Collaborates effectively with product, design, and engineering team members to define and refine technical requirements.
- Has good taste in engineering choices, explains and makes wise tradeoffs to balance pragmatism in achieving business requirements with adhering to technical best practices.
- Delivers clean, high quality, easily readable and maintainable code with corresponding documentation and test cases that elegantly meets the business requirements at hand.
- Prefers simplicity and likes to take a lean and iterative approach to solving problems.
- Loves to reflect on challenges and improve process and tooling iteratively.
- Cares about solving big, systemic problems. You look beyond the surface to identify and understand root causes and seek to resolve those instead of only addressing the symptoms.
- Exhibits strong attention to detail and sweats the small things
- Understands the importance of good documentation and is proactive and consistent about recording clear and useful information as well as making it readily available to other team members and external consumers.


- Solid understanding of front-end and back-end technologies
- 5+ years of relevant web development experience including
- 3+ years of Ruby on Rails experience and React experience
- Intimate familiarity with Git and GitHub best practices.
- Familiarity with data analytics
- Solid grasp of the HTTP standard and RESTful design.
- Solid knowledge of PostgreSQL, particularly around query optimization and performance tuning.
- Deep understanding of best practices and principles behind web application security.
- Advanced knowledge and firsthand experience building production web applications at scale.
- Experience with automated testing, including both unit and integration tests.
- Proven track record of teamwork and delivering outstanding results.
- Fluent written and verbal English language skills.

Nice to Haves
- Bachelor's degree in CS or related, firm understanding of data structures and algorithms.

Experience with:
- Heroku
- Redis
- Sidekiq
- Material UI
- Redux
- Docker

Prior experience with:
- Stocks or finance APis (e.g. Plaid)
- Ad-tech
- Email deliverability
- Online marketing concepts (funnels, conversion rate optimization)

Preferred Time Zone
- UTC +8 (Hong Kong) +/- 6 hours

How to apply
- Please fill out the following form:

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