Person Who Builds Things and Ships Software

€60,000 - €80,000 yearly
Quick note: While we're looking to hire you full-time, I'm a big fan of working on a small project together on a freelance basis first to see whether we can work well together (interviews are mostly useless to find this out).

There are many things which we do differently at OpenRegulatory. We don't use Slack. We have a four-day workweek. Everyone gets access to the company bank account, and if you get your work done in 2 hours per day, that's fine with us. Click here to learn more about us.

But now over to you!

You love building things. You've discovered programming which enabled you to build many things fast.

You have a fair amount of experience in different programming languages. After cycling through many new, shiny tech stacks, you've arrived at the conclusion that productivity is at its highest when using old-school, proven technology. Like Rails.

You're interested in the meta-level of software development, having read the Mythical Man Month (or at least parts of it) and understood that having larger teams doesn't mean you'll be faster.

Simply implementing requirements which were brought to you by product managers has become too boring for you. You're looking for opportunities to influence the direction of product development further upstream, getting regular feedback and sometimes talking to customers.

You're tired of repeatedly building stuff which never saw the light of day.

You're looking for a solid job, where you can apply good craftsmanship to a product which users love and pay for.

Your grades and (University) education are nice to know, but ultimately don't matter much.

What matters most to us? We're a remote-first company in which very few people get many things done. To communicate well remotely, you have to be able to communicate well in writing. Your writing therefore must be in brief, easy-to-understand language without typos and formatting issues. Also, while we value cleanliness (if you think we're neurotic, you might not be too far off), we also value pragmatism. That means that you similarly try to strive for perfection in results while not getting lost in details (a bit like Django's slogan of being a "perfectionist with deadlines").

We pay Berlin-based salaries regardless of where you work from.
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