Rails Developer (mid-level contract)

United States and Canada
$75 - $100 USD hourly
Who are we?
We’re Colleen (https://twitter.com/leenyburger) and Aaron (https://twitter.com/aarondfrancis) the founders of Hammerstone.dev and we’d love for you to join us on our adventure building a startup!

Hammerstone.dev is a software startup that builds developer components. Right now our flagship product is a visual query builder. This is a drop in piece of software that the customer can use to filter and query records. The goal is to make the product a joy to use with a customizable developer interface.

Why work here?
This is the opportunity to see firsthand what it’s like to build a software startup. We’re a small, fast moving team and we prioritize healthy work habits. You’ll have the opportunity to do many things - from pushing production code to working with customers.

The Position:
We're looking for a mid-level Rails developer at the individual contributor level to help with the integration of our product with a client. This will be a contract (1099) position and you must be US time-zoned based with a minimum of 20hours/week available.
This will include:
  • Support the client in implementing and using the query builder
  • Based on client feedback, maintain and update documentation written in markdown
  • Contribute to the code base both for bug fixes and feature updates (Rails/Stimulus)
  • Build out system level tests
More Info:
We're in the process of moving to a completely different architecture for the product. This is a big job, and will be the crux of this contract. It should be a lot of fun - we're updating the API to be more developer friendly and simplify the implementation details.
Job Requirements
  • Respond to client Slack messages in a timely fashion
  • Good communicator - can describe and write up technical issues and interface with the customer
  • Pair at least 3 hours/week on technical issues. This will usually be doing a joint code review of PR’s you’ve submitted or discussing new feature implementation ideas.
  • Minimum 20 hours week (preferably 30+)
  • Must be US Timezone based
Required Experience:
  • Rails developer with 3+ years experience
  • Stimulus/Turbo and Hotwire experience
  • Working on a large team that uses Git extensively
  • Comfortable writing up technical issues with supporting details
Additional Desired Experience:
  • Basic understanding of SQL
  • $75-$100/hour
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