Senion Ruby on Rails Engineer

Africa and Europe
As a Ruby on Rails Engineer you contribute to our core product, which allows local governments to engage their citizens through a wide range of digital participation methods. You’re part of a small cross-functional squad. While contributing to our Ruby back-end and sporadically helping out with our React front-end, you help your colleagues bridge knowledge gaps.

At CitizenLab, we work in small teams - we call them squads - where members collectively take ownership of the outcome of the features they build. We work in short iterations, test rigorously and release continuously. We’re strong believers in user testing and understanding live product usage. The majority of our product is source-available on GitHub.
Your responsibilities:
  • You actively contribute to the specifications and designs to deliver on your squad’s objectives, uncovering technical constraints and breaking down the work in iterations and tasks
  • You take ownership over your tasks and implement them in close contact with your colleagues
  • You take into account all aspects, from data models, to testing, to performance, delivering well-engineered scalable solutions
  • You bridge the back-end/front-end knowledge gaps for your colleagues, seeing the full picture
  • You deliver your work in small iterations, often soliciting feedback from colleagues, spontaneously and through code reviews
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